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The Tote Royal Ascot offers are chased by thousands of horse racing fans every year. No wonder. Betting on popular horse racing events, the magnitude of the Royal Ascot, is a big deal for UK punters. Some of them find fixed-odds deals and betting systems appealing. Others, favour the flexibility of the Tote system. This guide will give you all the details you need to know about the prestigious horse racing event. From the available offers and markets to things like Tote results and special promos, everything is right here.

Tote Royal Ascot Offers

ProductDescriptionTermsPromo Code
 Tote*£10 Welcome OfferMax refund £10Get Promo
Tote**Tote Guarantee£5 minimum bonusGet Promo
Totepool***Scoop 6 Bonus PoolN/AN/A
Live Stream****Watch Royal Ascot Live at ToteDeposit to your accountLive Stream

*UK & ROI customers only. 18+. Place your first bet on sports pools and if it loses we’ll refund your stake in cash. Max refund is £10. Qualifying bet is the first sports pool bet added to the betslip. Ten to Follow bets do not qualify. Totewin will be the qualifying bet when a Totewin and a Toteplace bet are struck at the same time. Full T&Cs apply.

**We’ll always pay at least SP on Win bets. If the dividend is bigger, we’ll payout at the bigger price. customers only. Promotion applies to Totewin bets only and covers all UK races. £500 max stake. 18+. T&Cs apply.


****Stream all available racing without placing a bet. To qualify, you simply need to have deposited to your account once.

Customers with The Tote enjoy welcome bonuses across the product range in addition to promotions related to games and totepool. Specific Terms & Conditions are linked to the offer and general Terms & Condition apply.
tote 10 risk free bet

Royal Ascot Tote Superpools

For every race at Royal Ascot, Tote customers will be betting into Tote Superpools. This is a new concept from set to revolutionise tote betting across the world. Tote Superpools are the same as the super-sized pools generated between international pool betting operators for major race meetings. are partnering with Hong Kong Jockey Club and Ascot Racecourse to create this years’ Tote Superpool for Tote customers at Royal Ascot 2020.

International pool betting operators are beginning to work together to increase the appeal of betting on British racing world wide. The size of the pool with international players means there is huge liquidity in the pools, which combined with the Tote Guarantee welcome offer means punters have a great opportunity for betting on Royal Ascot 2020.

With the festival taking place behind closed doors, the Superpool concept is hoped to provide better value for money for UK punters.

What are the most important Tote betting markets for Royal Ascot?

First of all, let’s give a brief about what the Tote or Totepool betting is. It is a horse and greyhound betting pool service that operates across the UK. The Tote is home to Tote Jackpot, Tote Scoop6, Tote Placepot, and other interesting betting formats. It is also the only sole alternative to fixed-odds betting offered by high street bookmakers. Finally, with Tote, you can lay each way, win, and other more familiar bets.

Some of the most popular types of bets of Tote horse racing are:

  • Win Bet – In win bets, you will need to wait for the Tote results to see how much your winning bet has earned you. This is because the race must win first before the final odds you can expect a winning bet to pay out on are finalised. As the betting changes, the odds on the Tote screens change. So, the provided odds (shown as decimal odds) before you lay a bet are just a guideline.
  • Place Bet – Unlike with a Win Bet, you now back a horse to place. This is a bet type that is available on the Tote for horse races that include at least five runners. For races with up to seven runners, you can consider a Place Result bet. In this case, you win if your horse finishes first or second. For races with at least eight runners, a place is first, second, and third. Handicap races with at least eight runners give an extra place – so, from first to fourth place. Although the offered odds are lower than a Win bet (so lower returns), you have more chances of winning.
  • Each way – This is a betting market where you place a Place bet AND a Win bet together. This type of bet is available on races that have at least five runners.
  • Exacta & Reverse Exacta – This is the Tote horse racing term for a Forecast bet. To place an Exacta bet, you need to select two horses to finish in the first and second place. You will find this type of bet available in races with at least three runners. For Reverse Exacta bets, you win if the two horses you back up come first and second between them. It does not matter in what order they finish. This means that your stake is doubled, given that you are actually placing two bets.
  • Trifecta & Reverse Trifecta Bets – It is exactly the same as the Exacta bet, with the difference that you must pick three horses to finish in the first three positions. They also need to finish in a specific order. Trifecta bets are usually available on horse races with at least eight runners. As for Reverse Trifecta bets, you can select three horses that will share from first to third place in any order. This means that you must cover six potential outcomes between the selected horses. So, Reverse Trifecta is made of up to six bets. If you manage it, you can expect a substantial amount to be won from a winning Trifecta bet (though quite a long shot).
  • Tote Placepot Bet – This type of bet is available for the first six races on the card, and it is paramount to place your first Placepot bet before the first race begins. If not, you will need to either go with a Quadpot bet and four of your selections or wait for another meeting. You choose a horse in every race that you believe will get a place. For races with five and up to seven runners, the first and second place counts. For races with more than eight runners, your horse needs to finish first, second, or third. Finally, for races with less than four runners, the only way to win is if your horse finishes first.
  • Tote Jackpot Bet – You select one or more horses in each of the first six races. The difference with the Placepot is that ALL of your selections at the specified Jackpot daily race meeting must win. The prize fund for Jackpot bets can get you hundreds of thousands of pounds, to say the least. This is because it rolls over from one day to the other if it is not won. No wonder many Tote horse racing offers are tied to Jackpot bets!
  • Quadpot Bets – More or less like the Placepot bet. However, you should select a horse (or more) in four specified races on the racecard. One can say that Quadpot bets are a handy type of bet for punters that have lost their Placepot bets in the first two races. The returns may not be that great, compared to a winning Placepot bet, but profit is profit!

tote betting royal ascot all races

What are the most important horse racing tote betting events?

Tote horse racing is offered throughout the year in the UK. Some of the most notable racing occasions most fans of the kind keep their eyes peeled on are the Grand National, the Cheltenham Festival, and the Royal Ascot.

The last event, specifically, is one of the most popular among online bookmakers, who come forward with a plethora of Tote horse racing offers. In fact, the Tote Royal Ascot offers are among the most generous and enticing out there, in the horse racing betting cosmos. Here are a few of the most favoured Royal Ascot races.

Ascot Gold Cup

Established in 1807, the Ascot Gold Cup is the most prestigious event in the UK for stayers and is open to horses at least four years of age. It is a Group 1 flat horse race and is run at Ascot each June. This long-distance race (over 4 km) gathers the attention of thousands of British punters and horse racing enthusiasts every year. It is usually hosted on the third day of the meeting and is often referred to as Ladies Day. The Tote Royal Ascot offers related to the Gold Cup can be from free bets to odds boosts.

Coronation Stakes

Another Group 1 flat horse race that held Group 2 status from 1840 and up until 1988. It is open to three-year-old fillies and is usually contested on the fourth day of the event. This is not considered a long-distance race as the runners are called to cover 7 furlong and 213 yards in total.

Coronation Stakes races routinely feature fillies that have already run in the Irish 1,000 Guineas, Poule d’Essai des Pouliches, or the 1,000 Guineas. The Tote Royal Ascot offers available for Coronation stakes are somewhat less generous that the Gold Cup. However, they can still make you a good profit.

Commonwealth Cup

This is a newly introduced Group 1 flat horse race and is open exclusively to three-year-old horses. It is a sprint horse race that attracts many of the Tote Royal Ascot offers that become available during the popular meeting.

To make room for this race, we saw the Buckingham Palace stakes being removed from the festival and Diamond Jubilee Stakes to close to three-year-olds. Given the popularity the particular meeting is gaining lately, it won’t surprise us to see the Tote Royal Ascot offers featuring extra places.

How to bet on Royal Ascot with

To place a bet on horse racing, you will have to register with the online operator. This will also enable you to claim the Tote Royal Ascot offers up for grabs. To do that, simply:

  1. Head to the bookmaker’s website and hit Join (top right-hand side of the page).
  2. Fill out the signup form with the correct details.
  3. Confirm and make your first deposit.

Then, you can go on and:

  • Click on the Races tab from the menu bar.
  • Select the event you wish to bet on.
  • Choose the type of bet you want to place.
  • Pick at least one horse for the selected race(s).
  • Choose your stake and lay your bet.

Tote betting system

The Tote (aka totalisator) is a betting pool service where all the stake money on a specific race and type of bet gets pooled together. Then, the Tote takes a deduction from the pool (normally around 15%) to cover its costs. The rest of the money is apportioned to the winning bets (divided by the number of winning bets). The provided dividend is the per-unit-stake value in the pool.

The size of the dividend of a winning bet is determined by the % of the funds in the pool that was wagered on the selection you made. So, the higher the percentage, the lower the share of the pool staked on the winner. Therefore, you don’t get paid out based on the SP return of your winning selection or the odds at which you laid your bet.

Compared to fixed-odds betting, Tote horse racing betting can sometimes be a better option for punters. This is because the Tote dividend is usually bigger than the SP, especially for less commonly selected runners.

Also, the Tote Guarantee helps you stay on the safe side and “lock” a higher return. The reason for it is that the Tote Guarantee ensures that your dividend will not end up worse than the starting price. In other words, the Tote Guarantee secures (in a way) your Tote win bet. Plus, it enables your bet to be settled at the higher of the SP or the Tote dividend. To put it simply, the Tote Guarantee always delivers better profits than the SP.

How Tote horse racing betting works? Let’s demonstrate an example to show you. Say that you bet on a six-runner race with a pool of £40,000 hypothetically. The current Tote deductions are 16.5%, and the amount staked on, say, the fourth, runner (the one that eventually wins the race) is £6,000. If you bet on that winning fourth horse, the pay-out will be £40,000 – £6,600 (16.5% commission) = £33,400. We then divide the total pay-out with the amount staked on the fourth horse (£33,400/£6,000), and the resulting dividend is 5.57. This means that for every pound you have staked on the fourth horse, you get £5.57 in return.

Tote Placepot explained

A Placepot bet offers punters the opportunity to win large sums from smaller stakes. You simply select at least one horse from each race and pay for every single line within the bet. So, if you pick three selections in the first race, two in races 2-5, and one in the sixth race, you will need to pay a total of 6 lines. This means that you are called to pay six times the bet’s unit stake. Most Tote horse racing bookmakers enable low stake units of £0.10, and a minimum overall stake of one pound.

Tote bonuses and special promotions

The Tote guarantee offer is one of the most exciting promos available at this moment.This is perfect for the horse races ahead. The Tote Guarantee is where you win bet will be settled at the higher end of the dividend or SP (starting price).

Best features on for Royal Ascot

There are many reasons that could entice new players to register with the operator. Here are five advantages to consider when betting on horse racing with

  1. The Tote Royal Ascot offers (and other horse racing deals) are not to be missed.
  2. Unique horse racing betting offerings and markets.
  3. Exclusive games (see the Ten to Follow).
  4. Excellent mobile experiences (mobile-friendly site and dedicated Tote app for iOS users).
  5. Ability to bet on horse racing using your account card (you receive it after registering with the bookmaker).

Royal Ascot live streaming service

You can watch live streams of a great variety of horse races without having to place a bet. The only prerequisite is to have a funded account. Unlike with other operators, you don’t need to have made a deposit a few days before the event you want to watch. It only takes a single deposit for you to qualify. The bookie does not mention any geographical restrictions, so it is a service offered to all of its customers. To watch your favourite horse race live, you just click on the Watch icon next to the selected race.

FAQs: The Tote Royal Ascot Offers

This section is dedicated to the most commonly asked questions about the Tote Royal Ascot offers.

Which types of bets are offered for Royal Ascot?

From win and place bets to trifecta, placepot, and more.

What is Tote Betting on Royal Ascot?

A betting system that enables punters to claim their share from a pool of funds. It deviates from the standard fixed-odds betting system employed by most bookies.

What are some tips to enjoy betting on this Festival and making successful tote bets?

Do your homework and know as much as you can about things like trainer form, race times, horse’s pedigree, and recent performances. Also, consider certain bet types that may return a big payout with a small wager, such as Tote Jackpot bets.

How can you access the current odds from your phone through the Tote’s apps or website?

You simply click or tap on the Race tab at the Menu bar. Then, find the race you want to bet on and see the offered odds right next to the event.

How to calculate tote bets?

You will need to know the commission that needs to be paid and the overall sum staked on the winning horse.

What is tote placepot

A popular pool bet where punters are called to select a horse in every single race of the first six races offered in total at a particular meeting.

  • Royal Ascot Tote Superpool
  • Welcome Offer
  • Live Streaming
  • Tote Betting

Tote Royal Ascot Summary is quickly becoming one of the biggest online tote betting operators in the UK, attracting many bettors due to its specialty in horse racing betting. With Royal Ascot Superpools, Tote Guarantees, a competitive welcome offer and a Royal Ascot Live Streaming service, the Tote is making a name for itself, partnering with big horse racing media partners in the UK.

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