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Royal Ascot Betting 2019

Royal Ascot is a must-watch for dedicated and casual fans of racing — and placing bets on the outcome is a tradition for millions of people. This betting guide explores the best offers and sites to get the most out of your bets…

Royal Ascot Betting 2019 – Royal Roots

Every year, Royal Ascot brings around 300,000 people together in celebration of an annual tradition dating back centuries. Along with the Grand National, Royal Ascot is one of the most important fixtures in the racing year, appealing to people of all sporting tastes.

The Ascot racecourse itself has deep roots stretching back to a day in 1711, when Queen Anne herself was out riding beyond Windsor Castle. She stumbled upon a large open area, and imagined watching horses racing there. From that moment on, the wheels were set in motion, and the first race took place in August of that year.

This was nothing like the Royal Ascot meetings we see now. To start with, only seven horses competed, with three different heats of four miles each and every horse carrying 12 stones. The first racecourse was designed by William Lowen, though he was helped by a team of experts in various fields, across painting, carpentry, and administration.

Decades later, the first permanent building was built by a specialist from the area, in 1794. This structure was fit to accommodate over 1,600 people, and saw regular use for around 50 years.

Parliament took a decisive part in Ascot’s future in 1813, when they passed the Act of Enclosure. This ruled that Ascot Heath would be maintained only as a public racecourse, ensuring that events could entertain the British populace without fear of the venue being commandeered for any other purpose.

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Royal Ascot Betting 2019 – The Evolution of the Tradition

While the first race was held in 1711, the first Royal Meeting as we know it today (or, rather, as close to it as we can imagine) took place in 1768. The arrival of the Gold Cup, decades later in 1807, ushered in the event’s more modern structure, and Royal Ascot was the only fixture held at the racecourse for over a century, until 1939.

It was in this year that additional events started to take place at the venue throughout the year, making broader use of Ascot’s facilities.

However, despite the fixture’s evolution and adjustments to suit modern life, the Gold Cup itself is still the main race of Royal Ascot’s third day. This is generally known to be the busiest of all days, and referred to as Ladies Day. This is obviously a popular occasion in Royal Ascot, and at other racing events across the sporting year, attracting thousands of women dressed in their finest (typically with statement hats and other accessories).

Royal Ascot’s Timeless Tradition and Charm

How royal does Royal Ascot remain so long after it was established? Well, The Queen is actually the owner and breeder of various horses, and she is known to take an interest in the event itself. She has happily seen some of her own racehorses claim victories down the decades, and her horses are usually sporting purple silks with touches of gold, scarlet, and black. These are the same hues favoured by her predecessors King Edward VII and George IV (when he was Prince Regent).

Ascot Racecourse has not always looked the same since 1711, of course. The venue has undergone many changes, both to maintain its structure and to revitalise its design. The most notable was in 2004, when the venue closed for around two years – for a £200m overhaul.

Every year, The Queen and her family arrive in a horse-drawn carriage, as part of a procession that starts and ends each day of the event. This is, of course, a large part of the Royal Ascot tradition, and helps to attract the thousands upon thousands of spectators each year. Being able to see the British monarchs in person, in a formal setting, is a rare thrill for many people.

The sense of spectacle and British tradition ensures visitors come from across the globe, while millions more watch on television and online.

Royal Ascot Offers 2019 – A Sense of Occasion

As anyone who has ever visited the venue during Royal Ascot will know, The Queen and her family enjoy the event from their own private enclosure (one of three). This is famously well-protected, with strict security, though special badge-holders are permitted access.

However, there is a thorough vetting process for this, with anyone interested in watching the races from the royal enclosure required to apply formally. On the first occasion, people have to apply to the Royal Enclosure Office to acquire membership from another with a minimum of four years’ experience.

What of people who have used the Royal Enclosure before? The process is still complex. Badge-holders will receive an invitation to apply for badges, and only the person named on the badge itself can gain entry to the enclosure. While this may sound like a considerable effort (potentially putting some people off), the experience is said to be as impressive as one might expect.

Fine foods and hospitality are usually to be expected, with various bars open to entertain guests. Still, there is a strict dress-code in place, to ensure a sense of sophistication and class. Ladies must wear a dress within certain style-guidelines, neither too short nor too revealing. Men, on the other hand, are asked to wear a top hat and formal suit.

Bet on Your Favourite

When is Royal Ascot 2019? The event is held in June every year, and includes the same races, typically running in the following order:

Queen Anne StakesJersey StakesNorfolk StakesAlbany StakesChesham Stakes
Coventry StakesQueen Mary StakesTercentenary StakesKing Edward VII StakesWolferton Stakes
King’s Stand StakesDuke of Cambridge StakesRibblesdale StakesCommonwealth CupHardwicke Stakes
James’s Palace StakesPrince of Wales’s StakesGold CupCoronation StakesDiamond Jubilee Stakes
Ascot StakesRoyal Hunt CupBritannia StakesDuke of Edinburgh StakesWokingham Stakes
Windsor Castle StakesSandringham StakesKing George V StakesQueen’s VaseQueen Alexandra Stakes

Some of the biggest races that take place during the event are:

This Group 1 race runs at one mile, and is open to horses of four years old and above.

This Group 1 race measures one mile, and is run by horses of three years old only.

This handicap race is the longest of the opening day, measuring two miles and four furlongs, open to horses aged four and above.

This Group 2 race measures just five furlongs, and is open to horses of two years old and above.

This Group 1 race measures one mile and two furlongs in length, and is run by horses aged four and older.

The Royal Hunt Cup is a handicap race, running just one mile long, open to horses of three and older.

This Group 2 race measures one mile and four furlongs, and is run by horses of three years old and above.

The Gold Cup Group 1 race is one of the most famous across the Royal Ascot event, and is the longest of the second day at two miles and four furlongs. It is run by horses of four years old and above.

This handicap race is one mile and four furlongs in length, by horses three years old and above.

This Group 2 race measures one mile and four furlongs, open to horses of three years old and over.

This Listed race is the longest of the Friday, measuring two miles, for horses of three and above.

This Group 1 race measures just six furlongs, and is open to horses aged four and above.

The final race of the Royal Ascot 2019, the Queen Alexandra Stakes is a Conditions race and the longest, measuring two miles, five furlongs, and 159 yards altogether. It is run by horses aged four years old and above.

How can I Place Bets on Royal Ascot 2019?

For millions of racing fans, Royal Ascot is a hugely exciting time. Not only for the sense of grandeur or the British tradition, but because of the opportunity to win large prizes.

Betting is a core aspect of Royal Ascot, leading to millions of pounds changing hands every year. As the world of betting has transformed considerably in the past 20 years, due to the ongoing evolution of the World Wide Web, there are more ways to enjoy Royal Ascot betting 2019 than ever.

For those who prefer to make wagers at the venue only, Royal Ascot accommodates these people with numerous facilities around the racecourse.

First of all, you can choose to place bets with Totepool. These kiosks stand throughout the venue, and rather than putting your money against a bookmaker, you’re instead betting into a pool with others. Your winning amount will depend on the number of other winning tickets – not unlike playing a lottery draw, as millions of us do each week.

Elsewhere at the Ascot, you can place bets in the Betting Ring, with numerous rows of bookmakers situated at the Grandstand. Each one of these presents the various relevant odds on reach race for you to peruse before making your wager. Every bookmaker will also present what their minimum amount is for Royal Ascot Betting 2019, and the types of bets they are taking (such as ‘each way’ etc.).

Finally, at the venue itself, you can make wagers in betting shops on the concourse. This will be operated by a well-known name, for your peace of mind.

Of course, you can also place bets at betting offices around the country ahead of Royal Ascot 2019, if you’re unable (or unwilling) to visit the event itself.

Royal Ascot Offers 2019 – Convenience and Simplicity

For maximum convenience, though, you might prefer to make bets online. This is an ideal solution for anyone who struggles with mobility issues and finds themselves unable to leave the house, or people based in rural environments without access to a betting office.

In the past two decades, the latter 10 years especially, online betting has become a massive industry across the globe. The world’s biggest bookmaking brands now offer internet hubs to accommodate bets, often combining their sportsbooks with various other gaming facilities, such as casinos and bingo. When online betting first started to become somewhat common in the mid-1990s, due mainly to advances in website security, it was a fairly basic process.

Anyone who used the internet much in its early days will remember how slow and cumbersome it seemed, which is obviously in stark contrast to its modern accessibility. Online Royal Ascot betting for 2019 is a natural fit for people who have grown up with computers and the internet as everyday tools, but for those of older generations, brands must work hard to ensure their sites are designed with less-experienced users in mind too.

The best online-betting sites are beautifully-designed, feature simple navigation, smooth performance, and accessible to users of all ages. Mobile versions of their sites are also essential, given the huge rise in browsing on smartphones and tablets (which looks to completely overtake traffic originating from computers within the next few years). Apps also play a key role in connecting bookmaking brands to their customers, providing a more direct service than even mobile-optimized sites.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at two of the biggest online-betting brands: Coral and Ladbrokes.

For anyone keen to try online betting ahead of, and during, Royal Ascot 2019, these companies offer an efficient, secure, and dynamic experience. Online betting may not have the same atmosphere and sense of immersion as actually being at Royal Ascot itself, but it is a modern option preferred by many.

Bet on Your Favourite

Why Should You Bet Online?

First and foremost, online Royal Ascot betting in 2019 will be ideal for anyone who has to work during the event, and is unable to attend the venue in person or actually visit a betting office in their local area.

By simply hopping onto your computer or mobile device, you can place bets on your preferred horses within a matter of moments, including setting up an account. This process varies depending on the site you’re using, but they all generally ask for the same information.

Some of you may feel a little hesitant about adding your personal and financial details to a website, especially if you’re unused to signing-up with online businesses. However, the best online betting sites provide a high level of security, usually with encrypted software. These are a popular, reliable way to maintain users’ safety, especially when inputting sensitive data. Sites like Coral and Ladbrokes invest in the best, latest security software to keep customers’ minds at ease.

Online betting is also incredibly helpful for fans of Royal Ascot or racing who struggle with limited mobility. Being able to leave the house and visit a nearby betting office is a luxury some of us may take for granted, and using websites to make wagers saves time, difficulty, and frustration.

This is easier as a result of mobile-optimisation and apps. While not everyone has access to a computer today, most people do own a phone capable of going online or downloading apps. The online betting community is also a welcoming place for newcomers and seasoned fans alike, allowing people to discuss a wide variety of gaming-related topics in forums and social pages. This is a terrific way to learn more about Royal Ascot 2019, about picking favourites, and understanding odds.

Royal Ascot Betting 2019 – Using Coral

Coral is one of the UK’s most well-known online betting sites. As well as horse racing, it caters to customers looking to place wagers on various other sports and games, such as poker, bingo, and a variety of casino favourites.

This site is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar in the sports betting area, while everything else it offers is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. The company itself may be based in England’s Stoke-on-Trent, but it has expanded, with offices now in Australia and Gibraltar too.

The firm was started in 2000, making it one of the most long-running online betting names today. When the site went live in 2001, the family running it had already proven themselves in the world of betting, with brick-and-mortar establishments in operation since the 1970s. Coral made a bold move in 2005: they sold their chain of betting shops to competitor Coral, for a huge £40m.

However, the brand has continued to generate incredible revenue, with around £12bn bet on sports through them as of 2012. Being able to succeed in the online betting sector takes a lot of creativity, determination, and an understanding of what customers want – which has helped them to reach their current position.

One of Coral’s most distinctive services is their ‘In Play’ feature. This is designed to let users place wagers on events currently in progress, and there are numerous live-markets on offer. The company has to accommodate thousands upon thousands of adjustments during events, but they have been keeping users satisfied with an uninterrupted stream of data upon which to base their decisions.

Another key benefit of using Coral is the brand’s live-streaming service. Every year, the site shows more than 20,000 events for members, and became known as the first brand to show an England soccer game exclusively online (in 2009).

Anyone looking to join Coral can rest assured that it is, indeed, a legitimate website with real credentials. For example, numerous awards have been given to the site, including the eGaming Review Operator Awards 2010’s ‘Operator of the Year’. It was also named third in The Sunday Times Profit Track 100 chart (based around British businesses, ranking them according to the rate of their increases in profit).

Furthermore, eGaming Review also named Coral as the top online gaming firm across three consecutive years: 2010; 2011; and 2012. Meanwhile, the company’s founder was granted a prestigious CBE in 2012.

Royal Ascot Promotions

Coral will be an incredibly popular choice for anyone hunting for Royal Ascot offers for 2019, due to the brand’s level of fame and reliability. Its horse racing section is designed for newcomers and experienced racing fans alike, presenting all the information you need to find the varying odds, times, and other key details.

The upcoming races are listed, with the different jockeys, horses, and silks all presented clearly. The odds on each runner are also included, in the fractional format that remains so popular with betters due to its simplicity. However, Coral also allows you to check odds in a decimal format, as well as the American style.

Adding a runner to your bet slip is quick and easy, and updates in real-time, so you can keep up with the amount you have wagered without having to leave the page. This ensures the browsing and betting experience is as intuitive and smooth as possible, without asking you to click back and forth again and again.

The live-streaming service will also give you the power to watch Royal Ascot 2019 races in real-time without having to visit another site or looking away at the television instead. This makes Coral a one-stop hub for all your needs.

Of course, Coral provides promotions to attract new members and allow existing customers to make the most of their stake money with special offers. These change on a regular basis, but will ensure countless new visitors get to experience the site with attractive Royal Ascot offers 2019 during the event.

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As well as this bonus, Coral also provides members with a wide range of others, including their Best Odds Guaranteed Plus (which gives customers better odds if the SP is higher than the amount you take), as well as the Coral Price Promise (giving you the best offer on each horse, for all races screened live on Channel 4, known for its long-running link to the sport.

Betting on Royal Ascot with Ladbrokes

As one of the UK’s most famous online betting sites, Ladbrokes has a long and fascinating history – providing plenty of reassurance for anyone looking to try it.

Ladbrokes includes two other major betting brands, Coral and Gala, following their merger in 2015. Ladbrokes itself was founded in 1886, though the name wasn’t actually taken until 1902. The company employs more than 14,000 people, and had a net income of over £5m in 2015.

Being one of the biggest brands in the betting industry means Ladbrokes has a lot to live up to, and this determination to please ensures a safer, more satisfying experience for users. It clearly has a large budget, which equates to a stunning design and smooth performance.

The Ladbrokes site is a bright, vibrant online betting venue, filled with colour and dynamism. This is a less formal site with reds and whites that seem to pop out of the screen.

Ladbrokes provides a huge range of betting options, such as various sports, casino games, live casino games, bingo, the lottery, poker, and more. The horse racing category is incredibly well-designed and comprehensive, with smooth navigation. Each upcoming race is listed clearly, with the time it’s scheduled to take place. Users can simply choose from a cascading list, and clicking on one race will reveal the full running order.

You can see the horses’ names, the jockeys’ silks, and their odds of winning (in the fractional format). Ladbrokes has ensured people with varying degrees of experience can find the information they’re looking for with a minimum of hassle, which is crucial when searching for a specific race at the last minute.

Royal Ascot – Mobile Betting

The site is also designed for mobile use, to suit smartphones and tablets. Every function and feature you need when looking to bet on the move is optimised for mobile use, but you can also take advantage of the company’s range of apps, too. While their poker and casino apps are a fun, interactive way to try your luck, the sportsbook will be a huge help during Royal Ascot 2019.


One of the most impressive aspects of the Ladbrokes site is the ability to watch sports in real-time, making use of live streaming technology. All you need to do is place a bet of at least £1 to qualify for this service.

Ladbrokes also allows members to place bets by text message. This service is quick and easy, and requires users to place a minimum bet of £1. For those who don’t have the time or skill to navigate the mobile website or download the app, text betting provides all the convenience of making wagers on the go in a simpler format.

What of Ladbroke’s offers? Betting with the site is made more exciting and rewarding with the inclusion of promotional bonuses. These can make your stake money go further and help you get acquainted with the site with a promising start.

To begin with, the company’s Welcome Offer provides a £20 in free bets, after you bet at least £5, provided you enter the promo code. Additional bonuses are available, on horse racing and others, with the best odds guaranteed. Members are advised to keep checking the promotions page on a regular basis, as new bonuses are added constantly.

Whichever site you choose to use for Royal Ascot offers 2019, you’ll find both provide a high-quality service with solid security in place. Being able to place bets online with the reassurance of safety and reliability only adds to the experience – the last thing you want is to have concerns about your money. Ladbrokes has long, successful careers in the betting industry, with high-street shops and their websites attracting countless customers across the UK.

Royal Ascot 2019 is sure to be an unmissable event for racing fans, both those with years of experience placing bets and newcomers keen to get involved. As entertaining as the races themselves are, the chance to potentially win big prizes is another critical reason people take an interest in Royal Ascot – imagine walking away with a life-changing amount of money to your name!

We hope our betting guide provides all the details, tips, and advice you need to make the most of Royal Ascot 2019. In the run up to the event, you’ll be able to get a wealth of guidance and information on various sites. Chatting with like-minded fans on forums and on social-media is a terrific way to get prepared for this incredible event.

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